Support #indieretail

Engage independent retailer associations and local officials to get involved and promote shop local campaigns in your community.

Rally the retailers


Engage the local indie retailers in your community and support their Independent Retailer Month efforts.

Alert the media


Proudly promote Independent Retailer Month to your local media and receive community coverage.

Lead community meetings


Discuss Independent Retailer Month opportunities at community meetings and with local officials.

Activity idea bank

Take a look at the below ideas to see how you can lead your community to celebrate Independent Retailer Month and support the small businesses in your area.

  • Invite your Mayor to issue the Independent Retailer Month proclamation at a chosen small business or Main Street area
  • Give an award to the independent retailer that has done the most to give back to your community during the past year
  • Place Independent Retailer Month street banners throughout your local community
  • Make the local information office an Independent Retailer Month hub during July where consumers can find out about all the small businesses and their activities
  • Volunteer to speak at the meeting of local civic clubs as a representative of Independent Retailer Month
  • Create a promotional page online that lists all the independent retailers in your area. Consider printing this also and businesses distributing to customers
  • Volunteer to represent your local retail community by being interviewed by local media to promote Independent Retailer Month